Together through the pandemic: Due to Corona, our platform is currently free of charge.

So einfach wie Amazon: Verkaufen an lokale Einzelhändler in 5 Minuten

Unsere Online-Plattform verbindet Dich mit Einkäufern aller lokalen Einzelhändler und bringt Deine Produkte in die Märkte, die Deine Zielgruppe besucht.

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BRLO product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Pro DisplayJars
Everdrop, pure detergent, product promotionOverview of product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Macbook Pro
Everdrop uses FrontNow to get listed in stores all over Germany.
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Entdecke neue Käufer für Deine Produkte

Wir erschließen für Dich eine neue Klientel und ergänzen Dein E-Commerce-Business um eine neue Möglichkeit, Deine Produkte von zuhause zu verkaufen. Registriere Dich auf unserer Online-Plattform, trag Deine Unternehmensdetails ein und beginne damit, Deine Produkte zu listen. Unser Matching-Tool wird Dich mit den lokalen Einzelhändlern verbinden, deren Kundschaft perfekt zu Deiner Zielgruppe passt.

bring product to market icon

Present your products. Detailed detail pages for the first impression.

Find retailers icon

Buyer at a glance. Be ready for the first step.

Retail market updates icon

Keep an eye on the market. Always up-to-date thanks to the newsfeed.

Little Lunch, tomato classic, product promotionLittle Lunch its personal product launches on FrontNow, displayed on an Ipad
Little Lunch uses FrontNow to streamline their communication with buyers.
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Kontakt zu lokalen Einzelhändlern

Wir matchen Dich mit lokalen Einzelhändlern, deren Kundschaft Deiner Zielgruppe entspricht. Du kannst direkt über unsere Plattform Kontakt zu ihnen aufnehmen.

Connect and find new retailers icon

Your fastest distribution channel. Simply write messages via our platform.

Save time and recources icon

Save time and resources. Less on the road, more in conversations with buyers.

BRLO, happy pilsner, product promotion BRLO its personal product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Microsoft Surface
BRLO uses FrontNow to get listed in stores all over Germany.
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Kostenlos verkaufen online und direkt

Spare Dir zeit- und kostenintensive Vertriebswege und starte direkt online durch: Wir verbinden Dich auf unserer Plattform direkt digital mit Einkäufern des lokalen Einzelhandels. Du brauchst nur fünf Minuten, um Dich auf FrontNow zu registrieren.

Find new retailers icon

Expand your target audience. Reach people who don't know you yet.

Sell more products icon

A new sales channel. More sales thanks to new sales areas.

Minimize product selling risks icon

Minimize risk. Focus on the markets with the greatest potential for your product.

IDO BIO, greens comes true, vegetable juice, product promotionLittle Lunch product launch on FrontNow, displayed on an Iphone
I·DO uses FrontNow to find the best matching retail stores for their new product lines.
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Künstliche Intelligenz für Deinen Erfolg

Unsere künstliche Intelligenz spricht basierend auf Deinen Produkten und aktuellen Markttrends Empfehlungen für Dich aus und lernt ständig dazu.

Buying behavior decoded. Our AI recommends the sensible next steps.

Better results with every decision. With every transaction, our AI learns.


Product listing redefined

We increase local retail sales by connecting suppliers and buyers to put products on sale exactly where their target groups are. We drive the digitization of product discovery and listing.

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Have questions?

How much does it cost to use FrontNow?

Due to the current Corona pandemic, we are currently offering our tool for free to strengthen local retail and help you get your products into the markets your target audience visits.

Is there a minimum contract period for using FrontNow?

No. Our mission is to work with you to strengthen local retail. Our tool helps you to be permanently placed in new markets and to expand your target group. At the same time, we want to offer you the greatest possible flexibility so that you can act at any time.

Why do I need a tool to get listed in local retail?

Our online platform helps you simplify your sales process and save resources. You reduce the need to drive to each market and introduce yourself in person without having an appointment or knowing that there is already interest in your products. Our platform gives you this security. You can ensure that you only use sales people for promising appointments and increase the efficiency of your sales force.

What added value does FrontNow offer me?

Our tool gives you direct access and contact to all retailers. The process of listing your products in retail has never been easier - without everlasting long distribution channels, with great time savings and especially in the markets whose customers match your target group.

What can I expect from FrontNow in the future?

We are constantly expanding the functionality of our tool. Not only is the artificial intelligence being enhanced to match you with markets that match your product, but we are also working on a solution that will allow buyers to buy your products directly from our platform. We are also working on a solution that will allow buyers to purchase your products directly through our platform. This will simplify the ordering process for both parties.

How can I test FrontNow?

At the moment you can register for free and start using our tool directly. Or you can contact us and your contact person will introduce our tool to you personally.

More questions?

Feel free to contact our sales team or have a look at our help center. We are always here to help.